National Task Force


The members of the National Task Force for Assessment Education are focusing their collective work on several important initiatives that support the goal of raising assessment literacy throughout the education ecosystem.

They decided that their work should start with the development of a definition of assessment literacy that could be used by all education stakeholders to improve assessment understanding in their communities. The group worked with Rick Stiggins, founder of the Assessment Training Institute and nationally recognized thought leader in assessment literacy initiatives. In May 2016, the National Task Force published a definition of Assessment Literacy, a definition grounded in decades of scholarship and practice, and one which addresses the role of sound assessment practice for all parties in the educational ecosystem.

The Task Force has formed four work groups to support the implementation of the assessment literacy definition:

Assessment Education Continuum Work Group – this group is creating a continuum that establishes expectations for what teachers should know and be able to do with assessment at different points along their professional career continuum, from aspiring high school students to master teachers.

Call to Action Work Group – this group is focused on providing guidelines and thought leadership around assessment literacy, improvements to advance assessment literacy, and guidance on how strong student assessment systems can be used to support equitable learning for all students.

Research Work Group – this group focuses on analyzing current research around assessment literacy and publishing original articles and papers on best practices in assessment.

Communications Work Group – this group focuses on amplifying the collective voice of the Task Force by communicating the findings of the Task Force and its initiatives through social media, national conference presentations, and networks of educators.

What is assessment literacy?

Assessment Literacy
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