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Assessment Literate Ecosystems

Introducing an Innovative State Program Designed to Transform Assessment Education for Pre-Service & In-Service Teachers

School systems have been burdened by inconsistent standards and understanding of how to use assessments and their data to best support student learning. For teachers, assessment can feel like something imposed on them rather than a tool to support student learning and growth. Districts often claim they are drowning in data but need support in how to use the data to make a difference for students. It isn’t a surprise, then, that schools often struggle to translate assessment results into meaningful information for students, parents, and the community.

The Michigan Assessment Literacy Project

In a first of its kind program, educator preparation programs at three Michigan universities are partnering with diverse K12 Michigan school districts to build understanding and communication on assessment. Participants from these organizations will work to create a unified understanding of assessment and how to use it effectively across the education ecosystem, from pre-service teachers, to in-service teachers, to practice. They know when the entire education ecosystem has a shared belief and understanding of assessment, educator preparation efforts on how to use data to support students can be successfully applied.

The project connects three phases of a teacher’s career development, creating a bridge between what they learn in teacher preparation programs, to pre-service practice of applying that learning, and into their career. Further, to address a critical content need in current preparation programs, assessment literacy is the focus.  Professional learning will be provided for teacher candidates, their supervising teachers, and other educators at each site, including school and district leaders. Training will establish foundational assessment literacy knowledge, provide opportunities for hands-on practice in use of multiple measures of learning, and develop teacher skills for formative practice. ​

The Michigan Assessment Literacy Project Team

  • Higher education faculty and administrators
  • Public and Charter School Districts
  • Teachers, Teacher Leaders, and Administrators
  • Michigan Professional Organizations
  • Education Researchers
  • Education Assessment and Accreditation Experts

Assessment Literate Ecosystems!

Assessments raise many questions. What works? What are teachers taught? Do parents know enough? Do students understand the purpose? Are multiple measures used?

Improved learning environments are possible when student teachers, supervising teachers, school and district leaders, and communities effectively use multiple measures of learning. Educators in Michigan are working to create an assessment literate ecosystem to support learning for all students.

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The Michigan Assessment Literacy
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