Author: Kathy Dyer

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The Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) results come out this month. In fact, every three years PISA results are announced. This international assessment measures 15-year-old students' reading, mathematics, and science literacy. The world starts talking about which of the 70 countries are doing well in what content areas and...

Teachers who use formative assessment as part of their everyday classroom toolbox… quickly identify important evidence of student learning and separate it from distracting information, readily perceive meaningful patterns among their students’ responses to questions and tasks, implement a broad range of formative assessment strategies automatically and flexibly as part...

Since the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) became law in December 2015, the role of assessments in accountability systems have been hot topics. ESSA provides more flexibility to states in designing accountability systems and creating more balanced systems of assessment. In light of this dialogue, it seems like the right...

Earlier this year, Andrew Miller continued his praise of formative assessment in an Edutopia post – Formative Assessment is Transformational. He discussed grading transformation, where “formative assessment leads to more equitable and fair grading practices.” He touched on teaching transformation, where “working smarter, not harder” is one of the natural...

Many people, when they think of assessments, think of summative accountability assessments: that is, those state or district-wide standardized tests that measure grade-level proficiency and end-of-year subject or course exams. There are also interim or benchmark exams. Interim assessment may be administered multiple times between instances of summative assessment to...