National Advocacy Agenda

An Enduring Mission for Students & Teachers

Our mission, Partnering to help all kids learn®, informs all aspects of our work at NWEA.

A National Advocacy Agenda – advocating for students and teachers

As a key support of our mission, we established an Advocacy Agenda to guide our voice and work at the district, state and national level. These five statements are really a promise from NWEA to use our resources and talent on issues that believe are important to all teachers and students in classrooms throughout the United States. The Advancing Assessment Education website is an outgrowth of this Agenda, establishing a place to share our Advocacy work and to engage with educators on these important topics.

NWEA National Advocacy Agenda:

  1. Invest in resources, partnerships and key initiatives to advance the development of teachers and principals as professionals.
  2. Lead a national discussion on the impact of valid growth measures on teaching and learning for all students.
  3. Grow educator stakeholder understanding of assessment as a positive tool to influence the practice of teaching and learning.
  4. Support states, districts and schools in their selection of the right assessment for the right purpose by embracing multiple measures in every student’s teaching and learning plan.
  5. Promote school improvement through use of assessments that provide school leaders actionable insights on their school’s learning culture and their students ability to apply what they know to real world problems in reading, math and science.