Assessment as a Positive Teaching Tool

High quality assessment helps educators and other education stakeholders – students, parents, school board members, and policymakers – gather evidence to ensure that all students are learning.

And quality assessment plays a critical role in achieving equity – empowering education stakeholders with the knowledge they need to help improve education outcomes for all. Assessment can help us answer some of the most critical questions: Which kids are struggling? Where are we seeing growth? Are we closing achievement gaps? How well are students keeping up with the demands of a challenging global economy? What do we need to improve to better serve all students?

National Task Force on Assessment Education

Meet leaders from across the country and spanning the education continuum united to transform assessment for learning.

Opinion Research

Learn what parents, teachers, and administrators think and feel about assessment.

Assessment Literate Ecosystem

Learn how educators in Michigan are working to create an assessment literate ecosystem to support learning for all students.

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Building assessment literacy in schools and systems supports student success.

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